What is the first thing we do when we arrive at a customers house?

#1 The crew leader introduces themselves and the crew, then the crew will remove their shoes so they can assess the rooms being worked in to make a plan where we will get started and what needs to be moved.

#2 We will start moving furniture followed by covering and protecting the customers floors and furniture. A drop cloth path will be laid out to the door so we can get from the room we are working in to the door without getting debris on the customers floor.

What do you use to cover furniture? Old sheets? used drop cloths?

No we use plastic that is clean, either it is brand new or very close to it. We always put the same side down. We do not re-use plastic that has been put on somebody elses furniture or has been coated in dust.

What is the first thing you do to prep a room?

I will start by digging out cracks, sanding the walls and ceiling, caulking, and beginning drywall or plaster repairs. We caulk, sand, and wash, where needed. Paint is on things that it is supposed to be and not on things that it should not be. We use quality materials such as Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore Paints, oil based primer, and latex primer. We use 35-year caulk inside and 55-year urethane based caulk outside.

What do you when you start sanding? Do you just let all the dust travel through the house for the homeowner to clean up later?

We definitely do not do that. If its a minor job with very light sanding no additional precaution is usually needed but if we are doing major sanding or repair work we will plastic off doorways. In some cases where we will be on a project for a few days or where we are spraying paint we will install a zipper on the plastic doorway to ensure tight coverage and easy access. I cannot promise dustless but we do the very best we can to be sure the dust and debris is contained to the work area.

Is your company insured?

We carry all necessary liability insurance that is required as well as workman’s compensation insurance in the event that one of our crew is injured.

Are you certified to deal with lead based paint

I have several crew leaders and myself that are licensed and specifically deal with any home that has lead based paint and they can do everything from test for its presence to protect the job site from lead contamination. If your home was built prior to 1978 there is a chance that there is lead based paint somewhere in your home.

How do you charge for repairs?

Wall/ceiling repairs are done at an hourly rate of $53.00/hr repair time includes labor and materials to scrape, tape, mud, sand, prime and clean up drywall dust where needed. We itemize the repairs because we want to be sure that the customer knows exactly what they are getting. Repairs are estimated but unless they go hours over the estimated time we don’t worry about it, however If it takes less time then we thought it would we would take those repair hours off of the final billing.

What brand of paint do I use?

I recommend only Sherwin Williams products for outside and Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore products inside. We will use customer requested paint brands but will not deal with the manufacturer with material related warranty issues unless we use SW or Benny moore paint. We provide the paint that is included with the estimate. If you wish to use a higher grade or different paint the difference in the cost per gallon would be billed or credited to you.

Who will do the actual painting?

I have 3 to 5 crew leaders that have my company and my customers best interest in mind at all times, we only hire experienced painters that can also pass a criminal background check. My crew leaders and staff all sign a contract with me that includes specifics ranging from painting application specifics all the way down to what is considered proper conduct with my customers. There is always a crew leader present as well as journeyman painters. Matt checks in daily with the crews to be sure that they are on track. Our crew does not get paid if the customer is not satisfied with the project and a small percentage is held at the end by Matt to ensure that if there are any warranty issues they are handled in an expedient fashion. A customer comment card is given to each customer on the last day of the job. If there is not all 5s on the card…. which is the highest rating… our crews pay is affected. We contact each customer within a couple of weeks to be sure that they are still satisfied once they have had to time to see the finished product after the paint has dried. As a result of this policy callbacks rarely happen.