mattI started painting professionally in the spring of 1999 and claim to have 15 years of experience but really I started painting at about 8 yrs old. I started out helping my family; painting anything from my aunt’s patio furniture, my grandmothers ceiling, or my own rusty bicycle. Sometimes I even earned a few dollars. I always had a knack for holding a brush, roller, or yielding a spray can to clean something up and make it look better. I learned at an early age that good prep work and neat paint application with quality paint could make a big difference in how something looks. My first Job/business was a paper route and from the first taste of that freedom of creating my own income I was inspired to some day be my own boss. When I got old enough I took an interest in cars like most boys my age. I was getting a bit old for a paper route so I took a job at a local full service garage and repair shop. I got my first taste of what REAL customer service is like. The service you got at a service station 25+ yrs ago is much different than the pay at the pump service you get now. We checked oil, tires, washed the windshield and filled the tank. We were glad to do these services to earn our customers return business and trust. I owe almost everything I know about customer service to that experience. I moved on after High School to working at a 10 minute oil change shop, my customer service skills got me out from under the cars to dealing directly with customers and on to management within a few months. At 20 years old I became a young father and a first time homeowner and my priority’s changed greatly. I used a good work ethic, hard work, and reliability for several employers over the next few years to try to provide a decent living for my new family. I also needed to try and find my way professionally and choose a career. I was 24 years old and a painter friend of mine stopped in to find me painting my own house. He joined me for a few hours to help out and at the end of the project he thought enough of my skills to invite me to apply where he worked. It was a secure job for a good wage and I was very bored with my truck-driving job. That is where it all began for me; something just clicked and felt right. I did insurance repairs/painting for the same company from 1999 to 2001 as a crew leader on most of the projects that I participated in. I became a trusted employee to get the job done. After a few years of learning and working during the day for a insurance restoration company and doing my own work at night and on the weekends I had to make a change so I wasn’t working around the clock and I could spend more time with my family. In 2001 I got the opportunity to get guaranteed work from a competing insurance repair company. My neighbor and a Superintendent for a competing company had taken notice of my quality work and offered me 1 job per week. This was the birth of Fox Painting LLC May 5th 2001. I was 27 years old and hungry for success doing something that I enjoyed doing. I have since evolved my company by word of mouth advertising into a larger operation but just the right size to keep my finger on the pulse of the quality. We guarantee our work and you can be assured that if there is ever a warranty issue that cannot be resolved by one of my talented crew leaders I will be out personally to be sure that everything meets or exceeds your expectations. Whether you are dealing with one of my crew or myself you can be guaranteed a bit of that old school full service experience.

I Personally Guarantee you the service you deserve,

Matt Fox