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Our crew created an amazing transformation in this 1920’s home in Grosse Pointe.  The new owners of this home wanted a much more subdued color that allows them to accent the room with their art and furnishings.  We primed and covered the gold walls with a nice Benjamin Moore color chosen by designer Paul Feiten.  We brought in an electrician to lower the sconce lighting to a more pleasing level and he also moved a light fixture that once hung over a game table to a better location where a billiard table will now be installed.  There was quite a bit of plaster damage to the ceiling and there were holes that had to be filled from the moving of the lighting but all damage was completely undetectable once the crew completed the repairs.

This room was originally a ballroom when the home was constructed for the original owners.  The first floor of this home has over 20 sets of french doors leading to the outside that were originally designed to allow the cool air to blow through the house from the lake.  The light fixtures were a plain bronze color and the home owners wanted to add some flavor to them and get them to look a little more like a mirror that hangs over the mantle.  Red, gold, crackle finish and a brown glaze added just the right touch.  Exactly what the designer and the new home owner had in mind.  There was a bit of careful restoration and a coat of paint added to match the original color of the french doors that lead into the Foyer.  These doors I am told are possibly 200 years old.  The original homeowner brought them back from France on a steam ship in the early 1920’s.